Schlebach - Slasher GS

Description: The Schlebach Slasher is the premier cut-to-length system for metal building and architectural sheet metal businesses - the first high-quality slitter designed to be both affordable and engineered for the long haul. Make automatic production of precise sheet metal blanks faster, easier and far less costly. A single operator can load coil, set knives, program lengths and run any quantity of blanks at 105' per minute - with accuracy of +/- 1/16"

The Slasher with Guillotine Shear (GS) takes the Slasher design to a higher level of speed, strength and stacking ease with a 13 ga. guillotine shear for exit shearing. The massive guillotine shear addition reduces the exit shearing cycle time by 70% - down to 1.2 seconds.