Piranha - Single Operator Ironworkers


Description: Industry leading cycle times-punch holes in less time than other ironworkers

Urethane Strippers-Results in less part distortion, faster cycle times, no need for stripper height adjustment.

Integrated notching station-Low shear removes fillet for precise, burr-free cuts and clean notches.

Quick-Change Tooling-Split dovetail slide mountings-make tool changes from punching to bending in less than one minute on all models except P-50.

Automatic Urethane Hold-Downs-This unique Piranha feature, coupled with a low rake angle, keeps parts from deforming or shifting during the shearing process. The hold-downs work automatically, eliminating the need for time-consuming adjustments between cuts (Except on P-50).

Ergonomics-Convenient work height and visibility for all stations. The single work height also provides added benefits when using roller feed tables.

Piranha Single Operator Ironworkers are capable of performing most applications. However, when two simultaneous operations are required (e.g. punching and notching), a dual operator ironworker fits the bill.


  • 677 Millers Run Road
  • Cuddy, PA 15031
  • Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5 PM