Ocean - Clipper Angle Line


Description: The Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line is not only the world's most affordable angle line, it is also the world's most compact angle line.

The unique patented design of the Ocean Clipper gives it an edge in the market place where processing clip angles and long bracing angles is a necessity.

Traditionally all angle lines have featured a punch on each leg to punch the holes as well as shear the angle to length. However the two punches cannot be in-line with each other so they have to be offset and this creates a large machine and a large wasted drop (the last piece of angle that cannot be processed).

The Clipper uses a patented design featuring a drill and a punch in-line with each other, creating a dramatically more compact machine, not much bigger than an ironworker. This small compact size not only reduces the cost significantly, it also reduces the drop to only 8" (250mm).

The small footprint required and the low cost of the machine has resulted in the Ocean Clipper becoming the fastest selling CNC angle line in the world, and has made it possible for even the smallest fabricators to have their own automated CNC angle production. Our smallest customers that have the Clipper have less than 5 shop floor employees.


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