Ocean - Blaster Shot Blasting


Description: Ocean and its manufacturing partner Agtos, have produced a completely unique shot blast machine for cleaning structural steel sections.

The new ultra-compact, fully integrated, exceptionally efficient shot blast machine will fit any steel fabricators space and budget requirements. The entire Ocean Blaster, including dust extraction unit, requires only 13ft x 23ft of floor space and only 14ft of headroom (4m x 7m x 4m), making it ideal for even the smallest fabricating shops. Despite its compact size the Blaster will handle all profiles up to 40" tall and 20" wide (1m x 500mm).

The exceptionally efficient turbine design allows fabricators to clean steel with the lowest power consumption, reducing costs even further. And pre-blasting steel reduces grinding and cleaning, reduces rework, and creates a clean work environment improving morale and safety.


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