Hyd-Mech - V-20APC - Vertical Band Saw

Description: The V-20APC is a automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 60° left to 60° right.

Its standard 4-degree forward approach angle provides increased efficiency in cutting of structural materials. Conveniently located on an articulating console on the front of the machine. The NEW WINDOWS 5.0 Touch Screen NC controller operates the Automatic cycle and allows for Manual operation as well. A wide variety of languages can be chosen for message screen display.

The V-20APC's ability to process material without removing the banding is rooted in its unique, patent pending bar feed design. The bar feed is specifically designed to minimize problems when shuttling crooked materials or banded bundles. The shuttle vise assembly is capable of indexing up to 120" in a single stroke. The front leg carries the conveyor on a simple hydraulic linkage that, in a single motion, lifts the back side of the conveyor up above the saw table and away from the saw datum vise. This stops the material from dragging, and prevents the banded material from catching.

A second unique feature of the V-20APC is its patent pending blade chamber. After completing a cut, the unique blade chamber feature prevents the blade from snagging by providing a wide path for the blade to retract through. It works like this: after finishing the cut, the head rapidly advances forward enough to completely exit the blade from the work. Utilizing the material clamped in the jaws the shuttle pushes the severed pieces forward. After the severed pieces have been pushed forward, the shuttle retracts the stock material well beyond the blade path.


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