AKS Cutting Systems - X4

Description: The AKS dual ball screw X4 waterjet cutting machine is ideal for high-precision thick cutting including titanium, plastic, composites, Inconel, aluminum, carbon fiber, stone, stainless steel, and other metals. The AKS waterjet table utilizes KMT Waterjet Ultra-High Pressure pumps up to 90,000psi.

The "water-kut" X4 waterjet is a premium gantry machine with high-performance, high-accuracy ball-screw design with high-production capability for the most demanding applications. The Dual Ball-Screw water jet X4 is offered in a 6'x12' platform and is usually equipped with the a TCS - Taper Control System and the Ultra High Pressure 90kpsi Intensifier Pump to produce the highest accuracy parts in the fastest time.

Using high-precision ball screws on all axes, programmable z-axis, and touch sensor / collision detection the X4 waterjet machine performance is superior over most all other models and brands. Designed and built in the USA.