AKS Cutting Systems - X3

Description: The AKS cantilever X3 waterjet cutting machine is perfect for cutting materials up to 6" thick including stainless steel, titanium, plastic, Inconel, aluminum, carbon fiber, stone, marble, granite, and composites. The AKS waterjet table utilizes KMT Ultra-High Pressure waterjet pumps up to 90,000psi. Able to support Dual Head water jet cutting.

The AKS X3 abrasive waterjet system is a mid-level water jet machine specifically designed with an open layout for easy load/unload for fabrication shops. The AKS X3 waterjet is the most popular "water-kut" model with cutting table sizes from 4'x5' to 6'x12' and cutting pressures from 55,000psi to UHP 90,000psi utilizing KMT Pumps. Options include the TCS - Taper Control System, GRS - Garnet Removal System and CLS - Closed Loop System. Designed and built in the USA.